Mark your calendars for May 15th! My new series, the KING TRILOGY, is almost here!!

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Yeah, I cried today. Sun God is out in Mass Market print!

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I won’t pretend that I’m not thrilled to see my baby come out in paperback (and audio book) a year and a half after its original INDIE ebook release. Because the road to get here has been quite an interesting one, full of potholes and many joyous surprises. But that’s not why I cried this morning.

SUN GOD, is the first book I actually wrote, knowing people would read it.  What the HELL does that mean? Well, the first two books were hatched before I had any readers or hope of publishing.  But SUN GOD….was a book I wrote for my fans who’d joined me along the way in this crazy journey.  

And now, I’m reminded every time I walk into a store and see any novel on a shelf that every dream begins with a thought. One simple thought.  One simple desire. Mine was to write books I loved with the hope that someone out there might love them, too, and that the stories could help someone, a working, stressed-out mom like myself, find a few hours of relief and smiles. When I wrote Sun God, it was with the sunny lens that my dream had come true.

So, happy pub day, my dear sweet SUN GOD.  You’ll always make me smile! And once again, thank you readers.



Happy Pub Day, CIMIL!!

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HAPPY PUB DAY, CIMIL!!!  (Please, do not smite me.)
Dear Cimil,
I know you wish it had been a full-length novel, but too much of a good thing is bad. And your story is a bit, well, batshit crazy!  But in preparation for the final Accidentally Yours novel, (Accidentally Over?) the readers needed to hear your side of the story. I can only hope that after reading it they do not scratch out their eyes or run through the streets naked, screaming for Minky. ‘Cause your insanity is contagious!
Yours Truly,
Mimi J.
ALSO…Cimil will be giving away signed bookmarks (yes, signed by her)! Just drop an email to  And if you write a review, please do let me know! Not only to I SUPER appreciate it, but I will have a special extra something for you.(WARNING: It does contain the F-WORD as it is from the naughty God of Truth, Maax.)  INTERNATIONAL READERS: Cimil should hit etailers in 1-2 days! 

CIMIL is coming Jan. 7th! Have you shelved her yet?

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SNEAK PEEK at Cimil’s quiz! IF YOU LIKE, please shelve my book in your Goodread’s library! Trying to get to 500!!

Spot the Phony Cimil QUOTE:

1. “Welcome to my insane world. Please keep your hands inside the unicorn at all times.”
2. “Berty, you think you’re badass with that outfit? Your tiny manly parts will be on display when I dump you on the floor.”
3. “Shit is my middle name. Except on Wednesdays when I speak Klingon, then it’s baktag.”
4. “F***ing Cub Scouts. Give them some mistletoe and a few Christmas carols and they think they own the whole f***ing holiday!”
5. “Roberrrrrto, that man-skirt is not bringing sexy back.”
6. “Okay, I am a good goddess. I am a kind goddess, oh, hell. No, I’m not.”
7. “Oh! Pluck, Pluck, Eyeball is my favorite game! It’s like Duck, Duck, Goose… but with eyeballs!”
8. “Helpful is my middle name—except on Saturdays. Then it’s Jaaaasmine…”
9. “Roberto, baby, how many times do I have to tell you? You’re MUCH bigger than my unicorn!”
10. “You may be the big shot Pharaoh Narmer now, but you’re still not wearing my pretty pink skirt to the pyramid celebration no matter how well it swirls when you shift.”
11. “Hey, Roberto, baby, starting the goth craze early with all that eyeliner.”




New & Improved! Books 1 & 2 are in stores and AUDIO! So what did I change from the original ebooks?

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When Grand Central Publishing took over my series, they did two wonderful things: 

1. They refreshed the covers so people could tell the new version apart from the old, (yummy new covers!) AND…

2. They gave me a great editor! While both books were fully re-edited, ACCIDENTALLY IN LOVE WITH A GOD also has a new steamy scene! (My readers asked for it, so I gave it to them!)

Overall, the stories flow smoother, Helena and Emma are a bit less…well, there’s a little less of their flaws showing through, and the heroes–Guy and Niccolo–are a little more alpha. Still the same, crazy stories, though!

And, I guess, Grand Central did a third thing! They made them into Audiobooks! It’s a trip to hear the stories being read aloud, but the way she does VOTAN is hysterical!  Great job! 

ANYHOOO, I’m really proud of the work the team has done and to be able to finally offer readers a real paperback to hold! SUN GOD will follow in Feb, APPLY in April, and OVER in AUG!  Somewhere in there…(Jan.) Cimil will come out, too (ebook) only. It’s going to be a busy nine months for our vampires and gods!




P.S. DON’T FORGET to join us for our next live, Man Candy Show!

Votan, God of Death and War hits the stores tomorrow! And you know what…?

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I think it’s kind of rare that an author gets to launch a book twice like this.  Accidentally in Love With a God was my first novel, published in Jan. 2012, and it’s sold about 100K e-copies by now.  But that’s not the COOL part. NOPE!

The cool part is the story about my readers. Yup!  They were the ones who really who took a chance, read the thing, sent emails (and tons of funny jokes), and made me want to keep writing!  Seriously, I know if it weren’t for them, I would have quit!  Bottom line…this book coming out has more to do with them, then it does me. Weird but true! 

So tomorrow, my novel comes out AGAIN! In paperback. And I can’t tell you how COOOOOL it is to see this happen and have so many fun people to share this with, the same people who took a chance on me with this very book!

AND on November 19th, my second book will follow! ACCIDENTALLY MARRIED TO A VAMPIRE?  

My fans rock! They truly do. THANK YOU…


(PS- Those mean people can’t stop us!)






Live Chat With Me On Facebook Nov. 4th! (6pm-7pm, Pacific/9pm-10pm, Eastern)

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Ask questions about the Accidentally Yours series, your favorite characters, and what’s next in the series! Or…just come by to celebrate my 1st Mass Market releases!




Hope to see you there!




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