Update for INTERNATIONAL readers, How to See my HOTTIES, and my EVIL DRINK PICK!

Evil 2
Hi ALL!!
As promised, here’s a quick note letting you know that my short story, ACCIDENTALLY EVIL?, is finally up on Kobo and Amazon for readers OUTSIDE of the U.S. Yippy!
While I know it’s only a novella (just a little snack) while we wait for BOOK 4, VAMPIRES NEED NOT APPLY, I hope you enjoy it!  It’s the next piece of the puzzle. (Then, after this, there are only 2 more novels and 1 more novella left in the series.)  AMAZON UK & KOBO
AND IF YOU’D LIKE an EVIL bookmark, shoot me an email with your EVIL address! (Must be somewhere in the human realm. And no cenote deliveries, sorry.)


Also, if you haven’t heard, there’s now an ASK MIMI Group on Goodreads. I’m giving them 1st peek at material and giving away a few paperbacks at the end of May to the readers who come up with the BEST weirdest deity and best reasons for why vampires rock. Ha!
What else? The pre-buy links are up for the RE-EDITED PAPERBACKS COMING LATER THIS YEAR! Book #1 has a few new small scenes and Book #2 just reads a whole heck of a lot better! 




HERE’S MY PICK for a DRINK RECIPE TO CELEBRATE Evil’s Release outside of the U.S.! 
Boogers in the Grass (I know. Yum, right?)
1 drop Irish Cream
1 oz Melon Liqueur
1 oz Peach Schnapps
– Serve in a shot glass
WANT TO SEE WHAT THE HOTTIES and other characters look like from my books?  Check out my PINTEREST BOARDS! For example, here’s one of my pics for GUY SANTIAGO.
ALLRIGHTY!  That’s all for now, everyone!  Please keep sending me those fun Tweets, FB notes, and emails. 
Thank you for your patience while things got ironed out with my publisher!
Cimil’s Evil Minion

~ by mpamfiloff on May 10, 2013.

2 Responses to “Update for INTERNATIONAL readers, How to See my HOTTIES, and my EVIL DRINK PICK!”

  1. ooohhhhh I would love a EVIL bookmark please (REMOVED YOUR ADDRESS TINA! Not sure you wanted posted on the Internet)…

  2. You got it TINA!

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