Hi All! Today, my indie-published books moved to Hachette Group (Grand Central Publishing). Please excuse any temporary blips on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, etc. as the titles are taken down under my name and republished under theirs!



~ by mpamfiloff on March 5, 2013.

3 Responses to “eBOOKS JUST MOVED!”

  1. Congrats Mimi! I was worried sick I couldn’t find any books of yours on amazon!! Well that’s a relief now!

    By the way I couldn’t find the accidentally evil on Amazon UK, should I wait till the release date or a pre order will be available on the UK site?

    Oh, and about the “Vampires need not …apply?”, the price on amazon UK is £9.27, which is around $15; Really??!! Cause it seems a bit too expensive for an ebook!! Although I will buy your books even if they will cost 10 times more!, I wanted to be sure about the price before pre ordering it.

    Great day Mimi and cheers for the accidentally evil! Can’t wait to read it! 😉

  2. Hida!!! Hey lady!

    Evil will definitely be there. I think the uploads take a little longer. Give it a week. 🙂

    Yeah! $15 for my following book! I’m totally worth it!! Right??? LOL…okay. KIdding. Actually, there are TWO versions, that one is the Print on Demand–for those who MUST have a print copy before the Mass Market comes out next year. The eBOOK link will be the normal sane price–should be posted pretty soon, here. HUGS–MIMI

    • Oh! two good news then! 😉 I’ll be waiting for the ebook version of the fourth book for now; but who knows I may be seducing myself to own a real paper of the treasure later 😀
      And as to answer your question: YES YOU DEFINITELY WORTH EVEN THE HIGHEST PRICES OF ALL! Believe me, you’re the best Mimi.
      Big HUGS!

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