I’ve received tons of emails from folks this past week (thank you!!), asking me what comes next in the series. You’ve probably guessed by now that these novels are NOT standalones, but are part of a story, one with an ending that won’t come for a few more novels.

Here’s what I’ve got planned (release dates TBD):

BOOK 3.5 – Accidentally Evil? (a Novella about Chaam) Question answered: Why is Chaam so dang evil?

BOOK 4 – Title To Be Announced

BOOK 4.5 – Accidentally Cimil? (a Novella) Question answered: Why is Cimil so dang crazy?

BOOK 5 – THE FINALE (oh no!) – Title To Be Announced

So I only have two full novels left to wrap up quite a few stories: Andrus, Tommaso, Grandma, Niccolo and Guy, Guy and Emma, Chaam, Cimil & Roberto, Penelope & Kinich, and that pesky apocalypse! Those are going to be BUSY, jam-packed books!

I’m hoping everyone will enjoy the ride to the end! I cannot wait to share it.




~ by mpamfiloff on September 4, 2012.

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