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“Every beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”


OVEROn August 26th, the finale of the Accidentally Yours Series will hit stores and etailers, so I thought it appropriate to formally say goodbye to our crazy story of Mayan gods and their immortal buddies who went on a quest to find true love while fighting the apocalypse.

What better way than to do a little bit of Q&A from readers!

  1. Why was book #2, ACCIDENTALLY MARRIED TO A VAMPIRE?, not a continuation of book #1, ACCIDENTALLY IN LOVE WITH A GOD?

Answer: I was drunk, hit my head, ended up in a bar in TJ stripping, and forgot I wrote #1!

The real answer is a bit less scandalous. Book #1 was a book that I didn’t quite know what do to with.  I loved it and believed it in, but after getting back a ton of rejection letters (boo on those lame people!), I figured it was better to move forward and keep on writing. “Maybe gods aren’t that interesting to readers or publishers?”

But I wasn’t ready to let go of my immortal cast of characters and saw them each having different stories that would one day weave together into one big ending.  (Yeah, at the time, I was SO into LOST, the TV show.  Haha.)  Anyway, I started writing the next character’s story, Niccolo DiConti, unsure if I’d ever publish VOTAN and EMMA’s saga.  Obviously, I ended up publishing both, but realized that readers weren’t going to wait 7-8 books to find out what happened in the BIG ENDING BOOK.  I wrote SUN GOD much differently than I’d originally envisioned it because of this, making it the sequel to books 1 & 2.

  1. THE BIG ENDING. Did it change from how your originally envision it?

ANSWER: Yes and no.  I REALLY had not planned to write about Máax originally, but as I got into my outlines, after writing SUN GOD, I realized that what attracted me to this series was the challenge.  I LOVED the idea of writing about Mayan gods because, let’s be honest, they are NOT sexy.  Seriously. Not. Sexy.  “But,” I thought, “wouldn’t it be fun to make them sexy and quirky and dysfunctional…not really god-like at all, but more like humans who have to find their way in life?”

Anyway, I landed on Máax because he is invisible, and the challenge of making HIM sexy—and a character that people would love without seeing—sounded like so much fun!  Too delicious!  It also opened the door for some creative, kinky sex!  Say no more….

As for the ENDING, I knew from day 1 what scene would be the series’ climax.  And if you LOOK really hard, you’ll see little hints throughout all the books!  All I am going to say is it has to do with one of my favorite childhood games.


  1. WHAT the HELL is with the cliffhangers? Why do you love them so much?

Hail to the mighty cliffhanger!  I worship thee! You frustrate me. You give me something to look forward to and pine for.  And yet I hate seeing your ugly face at the end of my story!

Yes, it’s a love/hate relationship for all of us.  But not all stories can be told in one book.  And, as I mentioned earlier, The ACCIDENTALLY YOURS SERIES was planned to be like a woven tapestry that leads up to one big ending.  There was no real way to encapsulate each story or thread without ruining the finale.  So…it really is like an immortal soap opera.  But think how much richer and funnier the story gets along the way as you start to see everyone’s seemingly random lives come together.  The POST IT people have made a large fortune off of me!  (That’s what I use to track all of my little threads.)

That said, I also LOVE stories that don’t drain the life out of me with the twist tracking.  HAPPY PANTS CAFÉ and FATE BOOK are good examples of this. One story. Simple. Also enjoyable!  THE KING TRILOGY is somewhere in between as it’s really just a 195,000 word story broken into three parts.

So, it’s not so much that I love cliffhangers, but I have to go with whatever gets the job done to tell the best story possible.

  1. This was your first series. Did you learn anything from it?

Learned a lot! You might even say I grew up as a writer with this series.  I learned about being Indie, working with publishers, and all about social media.  I learned about dealing with the “mean people” and the art of not taking everything personally.

But most importantly, I learned that NOT everyone is going to “get” you and to be very grateful for the those who do.  It’s just a fact that people’s tastes, humor, and preferences in literature are simply different.  The ACCIDENTALLY YOURS SERIES taught me to be grateful for each and every person out there who somehow made their way to my books and connected.


  1. Are you sad to see the series go?

No way!  I loved that series, but it had to end at the right spot instead of living a life well past its prime.  And the way I see it, the end of this series means that I will be able to start whole new ones!  I can’t wait!  I already have two new series coming out in 2015!  One of them is going to be another challenge.  A HUGE risk!  Because not even I consider the species of the characters to be sexy or cool.  I’m going to attempt the impossible and make CLOWNS hot!!  (Just kidding.)  But seriously,  the new series is going to be a challenge.  The second series, IMMORTAL MATCHMAKERS, INC., was inspired by the Millionaire Matchmaker TV show.  But sexier.  And Crazier.  For immortals.

I hope readers enjoy it!

In closing, I bid you a fond farewell, ACCIDENTALLY YOURS!  It’s been an awesome ride…


By the Semisonics


Closing time

Open all the doors and let you out into the world

Closing time

Turn all of the lights on over every boy and every girl

Closing time

One last call for alcohol so finish your whiskey or beer

Closing time

You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here

I know who I want to take me home

I know who I want to take me home

I know who I want to take me home

Take me home

Closing time

Time for you to go out to the places you will be from

Closing time

This room won’t be open till your brothers or your sisters come

So gather up your jackets, move it to the exits

I hope you have found a friend

Closing time

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.


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One of the perks of having worked for big corporations for over 15 years, is that I learned the principles of consumer goods marketing.  And one of the key facts about selling a product is that the BIGGER the pie, the BIGGER the opportunity for all who play in a particular arena. 

If your pool of customers is 100 people and you own a 1% market share, you have 1 customer. But if the pool is 500, you have 5 customers.  The same principles apply to ROMANCE NOVELS. The larger the pool of readers, the larger the opportunity for more authors to live their dream, earn a decent living, etc.

So why do I support other romance authors, instead of trying to slam them or compete? Well, besides enjoying helping folks, it’s good business. I want to have as many readers as POSSIBLE walking down OUR Romance aisle, shopping for OUR Romance books.  I want to see the Romance-novel-pie grow!  I think Romance should own 90% of the fiction market! 

I’m not talking about stealing readers from other genres, I’m talking about new, fresh blood.  Yeah, those people are out there. And they’ve never read a Romance novel in their lives, but if we get them to “our store,” they won’t just buy one book. They’ll buy 2 or 3 a week for the rest of their lives!

And what will bring new readers to Romance? Variety! Innovation! So, having a wide selection of great books that speak to different readers is a GOOD thing.  Eventually, those readers will go looking for more stuff to read and maybe, just maybe, they’ll buy my book, too!

In short, I am always THRILLED to see other romance authors kicking ass, getting on those bestseller lists with their innovative books, and pulling new readers to our shelves. GO!  GO!  And please don’t STOP!




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Absolutely!  When a very recent string of suspicious reviews started popping up on Amazon for my bestseller (yep, it just started), it prompted me to follow up with a few author friends regarding the gorilla marketing tactic known as “sockpuppeting” or “trolling.”  (That’s when an author/publisher hires a company or charges fans to post FAKE reviews with PHONY accounts to take out the competition or boost their own ratings.)

Hearing their horror stories of being targeted with sudden and suspicious waves of bad reviews (after their books were already established and doing really well) reminded me of how susceptible honest authors are to the unscrupulous people out there. Etailers are often unwilling/unable to act because it’s difficult to distinguish between authentic bad reviews (which are simply a fact of life—yes, yes, we hate them, but that’s life) or fake ones.

ANYWAY, I did some research and found some good info on how to spot the sockpuppets/fake accounts and was going to share (I pulled the pic down), but I realized that wasn’t going to change anything.


1.  Don’t waste your time engaging with the trolls/sockpuppets; it generally adds fuel to the fire.

2.  Take all reviews (good and bad) with a grain of salt.

3.  DO SUPPORT your favorite AUTHORS and write a review if you love their work!  SIMPLE! (And you get good karma points.)

Let’s be clear, I’m talking about books here. This is not the kind of stuff worth getting outraged over or losing sleep for. There are far greater atrocities being committed in this world.  But if you find yourself loving a book and can afford the time to post a review to support your favorite author, then know that your time and effort DOES MATTER!  It sure the hell does to me! –Ms. Getting Trolled

Is $4.98 too much for a 125K Word Novel From a Bestselling Author?

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I guess the answer to that question depends on if you liked the book!  Right?

But a few folks out there were wondering about the length and pricing for KING’S and KING FOR A DAY.  It’s a GREAT question, actually. So here’s the scoop!! 

Because this 1st part of KING’S story turned out to be about 125,000 words (most of my full-length novels are around 85K), I broke the story into two parts.  SO…readers are getting an EXTRA LONG book for $4.98 (KING’S is only $.99 and KING FOR A DAY IS $3.99).  Also, I wanted my fans to be able to try out my new series without having to throw down $5.  The $.99 for KING’S was a good way to do that. 

I hope you enjoy!! – MIMI JEAN 


GOT Questions about KING?

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Cassie and I are going to dedicate a segment of our next LIVE Man Candy Show, answering readers’ questions about the KING TRILOGY!  So if you have questions, now is the time to send them in!


Books 1 & 2 of the KING TRILOGY are here!

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Well, folks. I managed to get Books 1 & 2 of my NEW KING TRILOGY up on a few of the etailers early! (Amazon US, Amazon UK, and B&N!) Soon to come: KOBO and iTunes.  

I wanted to share a little bit about the inspiration for this book, because the story came out somewhat different than I’d first imagined. My original vision was of a young woman who goes to work for a private investigator type man who is mysterious and sexy and well… she really starts to wonder about him after a while. I thought it would be fun to have their story unravel over multiple novels as the two worked together on various cases. 

BUT…I found myself unable to think about anyone but King and Mia. Well, mostly King. Waiting for 4 or 5 books to get to the heart of who he really is would NOT be possible. He’s just too damned juicy of a character. SO I scrapped that idea and decided to focus on King’s story.  

There’s little humor in this adventure, but I hope readers will find it sexy and suspenseful, nonetheless!  

Hugs and happy reading!







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